Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wrote this poem to a friend of mine who can't sleep.
I made some modifications though...

No title poem: For sleeping purposes only :)

Shallow, blue water, cool to the eyes,
Make somebody sleep well tonight.
For if, it won't be possible it might dismay,
Awonderful wake up, tomorrow morning I'd say...

Sleep well, sleep well if you may,
Dreaming about that green wonderful dress can wait-the mall guard will say.
Just think about any animals, like sheep or count 1 to 100 to fall asleep,
Or you might wake up late, then its already *Sabbath-that dress you won't keep.

*-originally "sunday"

Twinkle, twinkle little stars,
it's kind'a gloomy right now, I think rain will fall later-all stars will part.
And in the middle of that night-filled rain
It's breeze will whisper melody to make you sleep-**so do not refrain...

*-originally "straight from the ear"

ghv (10/04/2013)


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Good morning!

I just want to say a "Good morning!" to thus blog-of-mine that I have forgotten for quite such a long, long time.

It's been awhile, and many things happened already. I just aged another year a few days ago.

Peniless, I wasn't able to celebrate it though as I have just moved into another place and city to work for. I have said goodbyes already to a previous one, who might be the cream of the news every unfortunate times here in the Philippines.

So unfortunate that it has affected life on a personal scale. So demuring, hehehe... It'll have its own time in the memory hall of judgement were its so-called innocense won't prevail.

So, I think this is all for now as I see the sun rising up amid gloomy clouds. This is the month of parties for beer lovers, up to-possibly Christmas time. Have a great day ahead everyone!


Monday, September 03, 2012

What-If Condition

Generally, a "what-if" conditional statement is frequently used by Computer Science students and even Seasoned Developers for their respective programs. In this case, however it isn't the central point - rather just explaining things of the past that can provide contributory information concerning things about the future.

Here, I would like to share a point in my life where I was a seasoned IT guy in a manufacturing firm. I was so good at work, but I felt something in my life's lacking very much: its love. While I have most of the things on my disposal at work, I felt very much void that work itself doesn't produce any significant accomplishment in my life. Well, I tried to be as close with a colleague of mine who works in another department. We've even been teased about "this" and "that". Finally, I have to say times and things weren't meant for us, that I decided to venture out of Luzon in search of love. Love is truly costly and if not cared for that much, in the end it'll die...

And so did I went and search for the better half of my heart. I went even farther north, but God was determined that I am to be driven south - or should I say: centrally south. Then I became the SysAd for the same denomination-based hospital as I am, although its just for awhile. Being a vegan, I have to adjust with fun loving people who loves to eat fish very much that my two year struggle of being a pure vegan suddenly came to an end. Initially, I just ate fish, then beef, then chicken. No pork please.

Since the local dialect there isn't Tagalog, I have to really adjust. Sometimes, I became frustrated since I don't understand what people around me were talking about. Even today, I just know a few usable conversational phrases and sentences. I wish I could learn more, but my stint there came to an end when I told myself life's better off going back in Manila. Surely the place is great, the job is good, but even within - there are discontented hearts that I felt.

In that very same workplace, I came to know a wonderful girl. She formerly worked in the laboratory of that hospital. Now, she's in the United States. But while both she and I were working there, I shared much of my interest with her. I courted her in fact. I even went down further south, in the mountainous region of her home: to meet her parents, to know the whole family, to get them to know me. They have a very nice place. We even visited the college my ancestors from the islands studies. Yes, my kind studied in the college near their place and with she and her whole family even became more dear to my soul.

I remembered the time her dad had a mild stroke that I whisked away slowly from work with the intent to visit him (and her, of course). My surprise visit is truly remarkable. Not only my presence boost hope for the family, her dad even smiled and said "Si Gil, si Gil" even while he had this tubes in his body. I prayed for him as my own dad. If I could have two dads: I would like to have my own dad and her dad. Her dad's the intellectual type while mine's the analytical one.

Surely, I would if I could that both our families could intertwine as long as I could, if possible forever. Then the conditional statement: what-if came in our midst. As no relationship exist without a struggle, ours began to take roll. Amid the sweetness of "missing you, Gil", the long distance relationship suddenly became a burden for her to bear. I truly missed her, but what can I do. My soul became foreign to hers as she responds now "foreignly" to me. I rationale behind deadly sparks of separation is the "what-if" of that relationship that "what-if" were not meant for one another. Then came another clouding revelation of us always fighting. Yes, I confess fighting, but not to harm. Even when we were still together at work, I told her the things I am fighting for: I am fighting for "fairness", but in the end of the tunnel I don't like to think about life being "unfair". I have a remarkable gift of preventing viruses and restoring computer files, but in the end; what happened opened up a very big void in my heart and a question if "I could prevent such viruses" in our relationship or even restore the "files" of our being in a relationship. Had I been a jealous type of person, this could be long been over but I am not though it pricks my heart very much that two similar situations already passed in my life. Why now? Why the third time too? My always me? What's wrong with me? Too many questions, if asked from a human perspective would make generate alot of answers unresolved.

All I did was to respond to a call to work in our denomination. But why it did turn this way? Would God lead me someone, only to gain more heartache and pain? I hope not. But I have loved the girl that I have asked from God and she responded a warm yes to me, and yet after dreams realized, after the distance: the relationship suddenly came to a stop. The psychologist that I've talked with a few days ago told me this: it is the intention of God that she broke up with you so both you and her can complete your goals in life, and as separate individuals God will bring back someday. Certainly, you may want it, but not her-however, God's desires in our lives cannot be broken. All we have to do is to acknowledge this truth and "follow". You will both meet and desire one another as God wanted you so. That message is God-inspired and I acknowledge that He talked to me through the psychologist, because as a child I have always talked to God and have understood that aside from the Bible, he talks back through Nature and even with people.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Like a box of chocolates

Most of us knew about the saying in a movie that "Life's like a box of chocolates". I believe it so. And followed after that are a bunch of ups and plenty of downs. Some, trying to survive the effects it has to themselves and others - the feature of a short fame in the newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet.

So here am I again entering into hiatus, keeping myself busy, wondering if somehow, somewhere, something's out there that's permanently for me. No more broken promises, no more trying to achieve this... whatever. I feel right now is that I'm a piece of useless mud, trying to get myself into the hands of the Great Recycler. It feels so sad and depressing to be left out, left alone. Even when I was a kid, I always was the great oh... just leave him alone. What we only need from him is his pad papers, crosswise, lengthwise and one/fourth piece of papers. Not now, not forever. I want to be "belonged". Its such a hard time to be alone.

And while I am busy at work and many people feed on your immediate inputs, the tides of troublesome loneliness lingers on. I had to press on, or it'll affect my job. I had to endure, to rise against such a worrisome flood. And if on top of this, what we can great success - part of my ribs are itching: itching for the voided gaps once filled.

These are the times when I am in need the very most, but again I missed the boat. I also missed the plane, and what went inside it after I got home and rained. Vast is the land, separated by seas where no one can just enter, lest there be identification markers though not free. Well, I do remembered this adventure that I seek. Quite nervous at first, probing, eventually liking, then places worth visiting. Discussions of the future where nice, yet still thinking about skating. Now, the eagle already landed on its nest: long lost friends now have seen, but then going back to remember - may I ask where now is "me"? Should I ask Jollibee?

Sleepy me when I go home at night, say what time: will the count of three earths be equals to 10:95? There is no such time, but at the same time there is! The count of three earths just began, hopefully I could survive the solstice of understanding, the renewal of heart and won the crown of long suffering. Wisdom tell tales and old men of ancient times in polygraphs. Out of three mountains...


Monday, December 19, 2011 Coupons

Just that! I've been sleeping on this blog for quite some time when I came across a website with my Tweet link on this "coupon" thing...

Which, after another click did I arrive on a site with my name as a user on it...

Okay, I got this little disclaimer below which says it all..

Good luck Chuck!


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The "in" and "out" machine

With the rising case of dengue patients in the Philippines, the growing number becomes worst to dangerous and vice versa.

Yahoo! Philippines just recently posted an alarming 7,000 individual cases that although DOH (Department of Health) mentions that this wasn't an epidemic status yet. One thing is certain: to those who already died, this news will never reach their ears and to those whose fate is still hanging in the balance of motivation to live - to all measures done in order to survive, the ability to live is something they are certain that they really, really need...

In my own little way, I've done my part (which I could say isn't my best) but at least I'm proud to say - I've been a part of it. What I'm talking about is donating your blood - but in this case using an "Apheresis" machine to do that.

Similar to the one I've been recently hooked-up a few weeks ago, this "Apheresis" machine draws my whole blood, process it and then returns it back - drawing only the much needed part for potential dengue patients.

The aftermath of a small prick to initially test my blood for the later donation has its rewards too...

...which I believe is fairly enough to make me or somebody smile after an "Apheresis" blood donation. See, I got this KFC Fully Loaded meal - which is my choice anyway after a "wholehearted" letting go of a portion of my blood. Fair enough right?

I still got an extra, although having this meal is already an "extra" for me - I can say that having a Chuckie is worth it! Of course, with a "Fully Loaded" KFC Meal on top of it.

Special thanks to "The Impulsive Buy" for the KFC "Fully Loaded" Meal image, to the "Bone Marrow Donor Support Network" for the "Apheresis" machine image, as well with "Pinoy Shop n' Save" for the Nestle "Chuckie" image...

An unlikely typo

The habit of rising up early in the morning to read my e-mail has taken my memory to new height, and for this example being able to spot a "typo" on one of the newsletters that I daily receive.

Hmmmm... a "typo" isn't it? Of course, this was from their e-mail.

No more "ptomized" things...

The article however is already corrected online, as we speak and it also reminds me of MagicDisc and the blog I've written about it...

Finding the fastest DNS to use... locally

While trying to resolve the slowness of our family internet cafe, I came across MacWorld article which tells about finding locally available DNS numbers to use near your geographic location. This DNS ("Domain Name System") thing kept ringing on my ears at work as well. Well, in the office - we do have problems regarding our ISP's DNS and it keeps on getting worse :-(

Prior to writing this supplementary article about this DNS thingy, I've been a fan of mixed cocktails of other DNS services like OpenDNS, NortonDNS, and so on. Went testing OpenDNS before and deploying it in a faith-based private hospital in Cebu, Philippines as well to a couple of organizations that I have performed consultancy projects. As for OpenDNS, I was able to do (as I've already said "cocktail" mix-up) together with some Linksys router restriction setup. The byproduct was a Conficker-free, malware and phish-free network that made an ease out of my work as a former Systems Administrator. At the same time, increasing working productivity by blocking certain restrictions on web browsing, etc. In short, non-essential things that aren't included in your usual job description which you're trying to include.

Now back to the finding a local DNS service thingy, here's a screenshot of namebench - a program which I've downloaded within Google Code that looks for DNS providers globally, as well as those near you. Well, since I live in the Philippine - I do need one here. Not necessarily the one my ISP assigned.

Now here's the end product screenshot of namebench - a clearer view of what should I have been using as my DNS numbers for all these times.

Trying namebench...

For those who want to test their ISP assigned DNS numbers, as well the possibility of finding a DNS number better than what their ISP has assigned them, namebench is readily available for downloading. To download, just click here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Happy Sys Admin Day 2010! to all the SysAds out there...!!R%@@#@#.. hehehe..." Although this is my 2nd time to celebrate it (first one with the "actual" title and the second the "actual" responsibility), I wouldn't say that I'm a newbie in both ways. But I do confess its still a long, long way to go and hopefully I could get there in time...

Here's my Multiply post as a recap from the past of what I had for myself as a treat for those who consider me a "threat... ;-)"