Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My first online exam...after a couple of months

It was nerve-cracking to analyze some context about published reports in an exam I had using ExamBuilder. Simply enough ExamBuilder let's you "Easily Create and Administer Exams Over the Internet." Of course, I'm not the one creating the exam. Instead, I'm the one taking.

Now the good news is that I've passed it with flying colors c",)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Since no one's greeting me up

...Once held every year, we all have our own special day. Hehehe.. I don't have much to say right now inside this internet cafe near my place.

Just cherrios!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pinatubo on my Mind

Reminiscing an exciting trip all the way up to Mount Pinatubo last November 2003 was more than an adventure. I had mixed feelings back then. Will I able to climb all the way up? or end hearing stories of those people I joined with, but failed to go up? Here's the story...

A couple friends of mine joined me to form Team Antipolo with fellow SDA's from different parts of Luzon in this enduring trip. The road all the way up isn't that great, as sand mixed with water creates friction and bruises our sensitive heels.

All made it up to the top with the exception of the husband of my friend's wife, and my friend herself. She had some heart illness, while her sister's husband has rheumatism. I almost got stripped of tent, clothing and food when I had to sacrifice an extra short, my favorite Lotus Notes T-shirt and my Coleman 7x7 dome tent for their use. Until now, both the shorts and the T-shirt never made it back to me.

A total of 298 people were able to made it up, with those 2 guys which remained and went back to the nearest military post which we stayed that night before the climb. It was already dark when I arrived at the top. Some of our fast runners made it as early as 2:00 P.M.

Using my extra tent, a Coleman stove, a burner and some easy cooking meal I shared it with a few close friends as we had fun at the top (near the crater). I also treated myself for skin injuries, rashes for the reason that I brought my first-aid kit in the first place. Some of those who joined which I'm not familiar with also asked for first-aid treatment. They got help of course!

While having fun, after meals someone noticed earring human sounds. We did search and found out that a friend of mine who's resting in one of the tents is suffering hypothermia. My close friends came to the aid, somebody brought his thermal insulation equipment (the one's you put into the car's dashboard & windows when you park, so that the heat generated by the sun is deflected back) and I bought myself. I embraced him, so that I could transfer whatever warmth there is in my body. After that, I myself got weak but not shivering. It indeed was cold, much more outside. I'm the only one walking without shoes, sandals or slippers. Its too complicated to wear anything for my feet at those moments. I got bruises, cuts all over my feet for the reason that I only wore sandals without socks to protect my skin. Its a good thing that they heal up fast. The only thing that doesn't heal well in me are those pimple marks I got in pre-adolescent stage. They're still in my face still on a permanent basis.

After everything that night, I still got a good night's sleep and an early morning rise. We just went there, took shots in groups, personal ones then had to go head back...

The crater now is in full glorious view that morning. It's about time to go home too! All the way up, I endured a death march myself that probably my mom & dad's fathers experienced too. All the way down, I have to walk up to the ranger's station then ride a 4x4 (equals 16) all terrain vehicle.

At the military camp, those two guys which were not able to come had their stories of their own. I had too, including experiencing LBM all the way up. I think I lost 10-20 pounds. All the way down, there's people Kodak'an ng Kodak'an. I met all the way up an elderly Japanese woman coming down riding a horse. The terrain is terribly difficult. I little girl accidentaly stepped at a stone and slipped down, getting an open wound. I hope she still remembers me: as one of the guys who helped her with my favorite white hanky covering her wound and a fellow Masterguide securing it with an appropriate knot.

The best part of this trip began when all Team Antipolo parked at a local restaurant in San Fernando, Pampanga. The guys, including me as as much as our heart and our pocket's content. Still heading back to Antipolo, we ended a gracious meal that we had. I think I arrived home around 10:30 P.M.

I had other mountain-top stories to tell, but this is the first time I've posted my story about our journey to Mount Pinatubo in 3 years time. There's also this Windows XP desktop-like mountain that I've went in Batangas twice but that would be posted on a separate blogg. Keep in touch with my postings...

Regarding Yahoo! Mail Sign-In Seal

Everytime I sign into Yahoo! Mail, there's a Sign-In Seal in the upper right portion of my browser (I use Internet Explorer version six point "O") usually appears. I tried replacing it just for fun with my favorite blue litterbug which is also posted in this blogg page of mine. Wallah' the default Sign-In Seal got replaced by a few mm's (wxh) of a shrinked shot of litterbug...

But there's some problem behind this. Two things: The use of cookies and a script-containing trojan, virus or things that would hack inside your computer. Yahoo! Mail possibly uses cookies to change the Sign-In Seal image, but what if your computer had all those cookies removed the modified Sign-In image should return back to its original (default) image.

I tested it, just to make sure. Good thing my little blue litterbug's still there. What could have made it in effect? I don't know yet. Have to research further regarding that matter.

In effect, I see nothing special about the Sign-In Seal. It's just something aesthetic, added to make Yahoo! Mail a legitimate site for accessing @yahoo e-mails. There's a better way to do that without getting phished. Just access and that's it!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Careful to click those offline messages' links

Just recently, I got two offline messages in my Yahoo! Mail from sombody whom I already knew that she's not using anymore her Yahoo! Messenger.

Here's the first one:

..and the second one:

The point is, it's asking me to visit two specific sites indicated (aside from the many offline messages she sent me) with practically two (2) identical sites, namely:

I'm not familiar that Geocities does have a local "Japanese" site (bearing a "" domain) and if they do, well that's another story. With a lot of pseudo-sites posing as branded, familar one's; if you're not that observant, you'll might end up with something else in your computer...


Friday, September 15, 2006

Yahoo! Mail Beta's New Page

I'm looking at the new Yahoo! Mail Beta which I've included the actual screen shot indicated in a pre-image page in my own Yahoo! Mail.

It looks like Microsoft Outlook with a Yahoo! logo on the left...

Although I wasn't able to use it because I currently have a Windows 98 machine at home (Yahoo! Mail says you can only use the new Yahoo! Mail Beta if you got Windows XP/2000 or MacOS), it intrigues me to log-in a nearby internet cafe or open up Yahoo! Mail Beta in the office, just to check out how good this new interface would be and how will it par with other online mail services that's available on the web...

Polander's Beginnings...

This is the Travelling Polander's Blog Site

Welcome. You might be a traveller yourself like the Polander living in the lovely cool mountain regions of Antipolo City, within the Rizal Provinces. Even the place where I stay called "Nayong Silangan" which literally means "East Valley" is quite far from the place I've worked before, and will be working then...

By the way, the image you're looking at is a tiny, yet shinny blue litterbug which I took a shot using my dad's 4.0 megapixel camera. I came all the way from Antipolo City to the outskirts of Batangas just to have this picture taken. "No way!!!" Actually, it was a weekend together with some youngsters in our church.

While everybody was having their siestas, I'm busy looking for subjects that appeal me. There goes my interest: photography. This cute litterbug came out of nowhere and landed on a small tree's leaf. I'm able to notice it of course because while everythings very green, this one's blue and shining.

Hope you enjoyed some kind of introduction that I've got here. Enjoy viewing the rest of the pages and do post a comment before you leave this site... THANK YOU