Friday, September 15, 2006

Polander's Beginnings...

This is the Travelling Polander's Blog Site

Welcome. You might be a traveller yourself like the Polander living in the lovely cool mountain regions of Antipolo City, within the Rizal Provinces. Even the place where I stay called "Nayong Silangan" which literally means "East Valley" is quite far from the place I've worked before, and will be working then...

By the way, the image you're looking at is a tiny, yet shinny blue litterbug which I took a shot using my dad's 4.0 megapixel camera. I came all the way from Antipolo City to the outskirts of Batangas just to have this picture taken. "No way!!!" Actually, it was a weekend together with some youngsters in our church.

While everybody was having their siestas, I'm busy looking for subjects that appeal me. There goes my interest: photography. This cute litterbug came out of nowhere and landed on a small tree's leaf. I'm able to notice it of course because while everythings very green, this one's blue and shining.

Hope you enjoyed some kind of introduction that I've got here. Enjoy viewing the rest of the pages and do post a comment before you leave this site... THANK YOU

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bez said...

polander???hindi kaya dahil mahilig ka sa polohan???uy, laging present dun..hehehe.

nice blog!post ka lng ng visit ur blog every week.wag kang mgsasawang mgpost.wait ko ding maging butterfly ung insect mo dun..ehhehe.