Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Regarding Yahoo! Mail Sign-In Seal

Everytime I sign into Yahoo! Mail, there's a Sign-In Seal in the upper right portion of my browser (I use Internet Explorer version six point "O") usually appears. I tried replacing it just for fun with my favorite blue litterbug which is also posted in this blogg page of mine. Wallah' the default Sign-In Seal got replaced by a few mm's (wxh) of a shrinked shot of litterbug...

But there's some problem behind this. Two things: The use of cookies and a script-containing trojan, virus or things that would hack inside your computer. Yahoo! Mail possibly uses cookies to change the Sign-In Seal image, but what if your computer had all those cookies removed the modified Sign-In image should return back to its original (default) image.

I tested it, just to make sure. Good thing my little blue litterbug's still there. What could have made it in effect? I don't know yet. Have to research further regarding that matter.

In effect, I see nothing special about the Sign-In Seal. It's just something aesthetic, added to make Yahoo! Mail a legitimate site for accessing @yahoo e-mails. There's a better way to do that without getting phished. Just access and that's it!

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