Sunday, November 12, 2006

Still on Yahoo! Online and (more on Offline) Messages

These past days, something's going weird with my Yahoo! offline messages. The fact that bothers me is that my legitimate contact are sending me illegitimate messages. I don't know. I'm very sad about it. Are their computers hit by a virus? Phished or what? Don't they have an "anti-virus" installed?

In the company that I work for, I'm priviledged to sit in all the computers and laptops of almost every personnel. Sad to say, I'm sorry to see that there are programs sitting in their respective units that they might be unaware of. That's were my favorite program Ad-Aware comes in to the rescue. More than a few instances of Malware installed, a few games, etc.,

Now back to Yahoo! Messenger - this issue everyone seems silent about. How come my friends who are in my contact list are sending me messages (even Unicode messages) I couldn't imagine they could translate or speak. Non-English of course...

Regarding spoofing issues on Yahoo!? Check this site out regarding filename spoofing on Yahoo! But I'll be asking guys from Secunia if they are familiar about this issue. However when I researched on the keyword "thanatos18388" which was a (past) sender on my Y!M, I found out that Secunia did have some information about it: a certain TROJ_AGENT.EVJ that Trend Micro passed to them. Maybe I could include contacting McAfee about it (since most A/V installed in our office is made by NAI).

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