Friday, December 15, 2006

Introducing.. Bible Quizes

Here's something I recently discovered on the web: an online Bible Trivia (and other Categories as well) quiz. Now, lunch breaks would never be the same.

I also got this Quiz Badge from them by obtaining my first 1,000 points. Oh well, its time to sleep already. I'll be off to Cavite tomorrow...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas in our Hearts

They say that the month of December is Christ' birth, as is it both merry and cold. Cold in the sense that the air is so cold, that people living in the Northern Hemisphere wore double jackets then. Here in the Philippines, we're experiencing that too! Although not that cold compared with my relatives in Chicago, New York and Maryland.

Oh well, here inside the company I'm working for... my hands are almost cold to frozen. Goosebumps on my skin are on the loose. My work's about to begin, so just stay tuned and read all my blogs please...


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bible Gems

While cleaning up my table, I noticed a familiar envelope which I received a few weeks ago. To my surprise, it contains the certificate I got from Area 7's Bible Quiz for having the topmost spot. As I remember, the competition was intense. I represent my district, as other one's do. There's a lighter side of it. Let me tell you...

That Sabbath afternoon of November 25th, I was so sleepy that I think I'm unable to get back for the AY program. However, I had a few flashback memories of things worth making me come back, so I shook off this sleepy head of mine.

I was able to get back to church and the program's just starting. I also brought my digital camera with me to take a few pictures here and there. Meanwhile, here's Julie Ann, a fellow church mate of mine wanting to ask me something. Great! Now, what was that? Well, she asked me to join the Bible Quiz and represent our district: Rizal 5 for the quiz. So I said OK...

All after a few more minutes, I wasn't aware that the Bible Quiz was going to start and they began to mention names already. I was talking with a few peers of mine from another church about "church hopping" stuff a.k.a "prospecting a girlfriend." Hahaha... Well, I went up to our tiny pulpit and took a seat together with another guy representing Rizal 5. The Bible Quiz began...

As I've notice, the one's other districts represented are mostly Masterguides. Not only that, I personally trained some of them. It makes sense that each district within Area 7 is resorting to the best means of hitting the top spot. Oh, my! I even lost a few questions from Easy, Average and Difficult Round.

There was a question about a certain deity in Ephesus (during Paul's time) that nobody got a correct answer about it. Using our mini-chalkboards, I wrote and answered that it was "Diana" but got told that it was wrong. The Quiz Master told us that it was "Artemis". Weeks after that, I still searched for answers and I got one. "Diana" is correct. "Artemis" is the deity's name in Greek, while the same is called "Diana" for the Romans. I didn't contested this though but went on through that quiz. When my peers from Antipolo Center saw that I wrote the words "PLEASE HELP ME!!!" on my mini-chalkboard, they even laugh. Hahaha...

In short, the quiz ended and let's say I'm lucky enough to hit the top spot. So from that moment up to our finals with other Area contenders, I'm very busy reading, digging and discovering Bible Gems.

So, what's the lighter side? The lighter side is that I got late with a Bible study meeting arranged by my Uncle Alex in an exclusive subdivision here in Antipolo City. I'm supposed to be attending the church' "Social Night" gathering after sundown, but I told my friends that I couldn't because of that Bible study. Err.. My uncle's car already passed through our house by the time I arrived. Sad to say, I couldn't go back and enjoy "Social Night" just because of that. Poor me. Hahaha... That's the story.

The moral lesson is this: don't get too sleepy during Sabbath afternoons or else you won't be able to get a certificate for a Bible Quiz [!]