Monday, March 12, 2007

Meet the Author

For the fast few days, I've been struggling on finding a way to daily update this blog without the frustration of having to log-in and out or use a lot of tools. So far, Blogger for Microsoft® Word didn't do much of a help and I'm still having those #401 errors. Na'h...

Anyway, I've found a picture of myself while scanning some CD's in my drawer. Among the photos that I've had there-well, this one really interest me. For some reason, it seems a new me!

Do you agree?
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Virus on the index [dot] page

It's a fine Sunday morning, with nothing much to do but just surfing. It's almost as fine as I've expected when I came across website (LKG Group) synonymous to a certification training school. Instantly on the index page (others call it root page, whatever development platform they've made it up with - php, asp, dhtml, cgi, etc.,)

I was practically annoyed because of the site's good reputation and yet in their main page, my antivirus scanner popped-up indicating a "Generic.PWS.o" trojan it got, and deleted instantly. A quick research on the internet gave me two (2) interesting sites that you could review about the trojan. Check out these links below:

I did multi-tasking immediately: making a screenshot of the virus, sending an e-mail to LKG Group (hopefully they'll read it though) and to the web developer as well and lastly, composing this blog.

Though its not a bad thing to surf in their website and look for the information you wanted, please be cautious. Until there are websites like this one, chances are that if you don't have a pretty good antivirus and updated definition (signature) files for that program - you're really in trouble with the rest of your installed programs, documents and personal files (including usernames and passwords).

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beta testing Ad-Aware® 2007 beta

Lavasoft's beta logoSince the beginning of time, I've been involved with testing applications, utilities, etc., Just recently, one of the new things that got me hooked testing for is Ad-Aware® 2007 beta. In the office that I'm currently working for, we use Ad-Aware SE Personal. Mind you, even with the SE version - there's no good catch, but a lot of detected spyware/malwares. Especially those using notebook computers.

Since its still in beta stage, probably a lot of bugs - take a look at what I've found:

Initial screen failure
In this screenshot, we can clearly see that the installation progresses with only a few more seconds before it completes the installation process. However, you'll notice that on the next screenshot that I got'll notice a small window popped-up (Error 1722) indicating that there is a failure in the installation process ang thus it cannot be completed.

As usual, the only escape to this side of the avenue would be clicking the OK button.

My attempted installation of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware® 2007 beta left a couple of files. Yes, temporary files that might not be temporary at all, especially if its not asking a restart or if you happen to forget the same folder you did the same testing like I did. My probable next move would be an "off" screenshot, or no screenshot at all. Just plain tracking of the installation process, and the files it created, moved (or removed), as well as renamed.

Feel free to make a comment if Ad-Aware® 2007 beta properly installed in your computer or not.

Monday, March 05, 2007

One funny thing

With nothing much on the queue to do, a co-worker of mine posted a question to me. Our conversation goes like this:
[11:00:28] kuya gil..busy ka? my mga alm ka bng games or activities during trekking for example, ala survivor! bsta ganun..
[11:02:19] kala ko ba ini-reresearch mo na yang mga iyan?
[11:04:26] hndi aq kc mkakita ng site n my guidelines talga pano gawin..usually my bayad,kya mgideas n lng knukuha q! pra s company outing to gus2 nla kc ala survivor ang theme! quiet ka lng ha..
[11:05:15] quiet?
[11:05:54] n nsabi q sau ung theme..:)
[11:09:08] nalimutan ko na ang theme eh... "theme park"? "sandara park"? or "national an-theme"?
[11:09:36] ha-ha-ha funny!
a-biff, a-biff, that's all folks?!?