Saturday, March 10, 2007

Virus on the index [dot] page

It's a fine Sunday morning, with nothing much to do but just surfing. It's almost as fine as I've expected when I came across website (LKG Group) synonymous to a certification training school. Instantly on the index page (others call it root page, whatever development platform they've made it up with - php, asp, dhtml, cgi, etc.,)

I was practically annoyed because of the site's good reputation and yet in their main page, my antivirus scanner popped-up indicating a "Generic.PWS.o" trojan it got, and deleted instantly. A quick research on the internet gave me two (2) interesting sites that you could review about the trojan. Check out these links below:

I did multi-tasking immediately: making a screenshot of the virus, sending an e-mail to LKG Group (hopefully they'll read it though) and to the web developer as well and lastly, composing this blog.

Though its not a bad thing to surf in their website and look for the information you wanted, please be cautious. Until there are websites like this one, chances are that if you don't have a pretty good antivirus and updated definition (signature) files for that program - you're really in trouble with the rest of your installed programs, documents and personal files (including usernames and passwords).

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