Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Useful app comes with a "typo"

One of the few programs that I came across with (in terms of) archiving needs would be MagicISO's MagicDisc. This particular application lets you create images and save them into either BIN (*.BIN/*.CUE), Standard ISO (*.ISO) and Nero (*.NRG). You can also save it in the new Universal Image Format (*.UIF)

I gave it a try comparing how an ISO, NRG and UIF would par in image size and this is what I got:

ISO 284 MB (298,461,184 bytes)
NRG 287 MB (301,510,812 bytes)
UIF 224 MB (234,945,911 bytes)

ISO compared to NRG, was less 3,049,628 bytes. ISO against UIF was 63,515,273 bytes while NRG compared to UIF is 66,564,901 bytes less.

Not much about UIF is mentioned elsewhere on the web except on the MagicISO site, but you can try checking some details here. Lastly, although this isn't part of the image compression, I'll prefer calling it a "typo."

I don't think that its part of the freeware application to have a typographical error upon completion of the imaging task. So let's ask them to change word "iamge" to "image".

Conclusion: MagicDisc which comes as a freeware is one of the few good applications out there on the web. Great for archiving requirements! Download one now at

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