Thursday, August 30, 2007

Medical Science

There was a time when we still got cable TV, that I was able to watch a lot from different channels around the world. Well, it ended years ago...

What's posted right now is a shoot from a movie scene called "Doctor K". It's kinda like the "X-Files" or "CSI", but this one's Korean. Good thing there's an English subtitle that benefit everyone who knows no language aside from their mother tongue and English.

The movie's situated in a South Korean hospital, where Dr. Soo investigates her former classmate, the brilliant but cold Dr. Min, who has been successfully conducting neurosurgeries even the hospital’s most skilled surgeons would dissagree the success rate of such an operation. With the investigation backed up by Dr. Soo's uncle (the hospital administrator), her work as a colleague with Min comes into balance as she braces her feelings for him and the mystery behind each operation he successfully conducted.

Now comes Seh, a young teenage girl with a fatal brain tumour, that will undergo Min's "mystical" operation, only to discover that Dr. Min uses shamanistic magic to heal her (Seh). In the end, Dr. Soo realized that this would quite be fatal for Dr. Min to exercise and persuades him not to perform the "magic".

Oh well, this would be a good movie to my friends in the medical field...

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