Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yahoo - The "lively" Messenger

I just came across Yahoo! Messenger's recent aesthetic changes and oh boy, I sure appreciate the "face lift". The pale lavender color brightens up as you focus your mouse cursor on the app. I haven't yet explored the possibility of changing the backgrounds since this is the first time I have installed the update (thanks to FileHippo) but it should have provisions for that, since its possible that not everyone likes lavender (or purple) color...

As you see here (it's me), I made a few "Photoshop" changes just to hide the names and protect my privacy - but everything's a-OK! I remember the last version (aside this one) that I'm quite dumbfounded with the extra plugins underneath that most of us wish it would just go away, and never comeback.

I've been quite critical over the years about Yahoo! regarding various things such as unused BHO's (browser helper objects), script errors on Yahoo! Mail under Internet Explorer 7 (which makes me prefer to use Mozilla Firefox accessing it) and extra buttons / flash-based controls which I don't really need and I don't know how to make them disappear. Oh well, at least they've make the "lavender" Yahoo! Messenger pretty. How I wish it won't be bombarded with "ads". By the time that comes, there's nothing more but to have it called as "Ad-ware".