Monday, July 20, 2009

Thinking About Last Year

It was still fresh on my mind what I was doing this very night, last year: this was that night when I was checking out if I still miss anything on my travel to Cebu City to work there as a fulltime Systems Administrator for a private, religious-funded hospital. I had thoughts of backing out, and yet I wasn’t able to do so. I could say its mixed feelings: finally being able to join the “Institution”, meeting a lot of your fellow-kind, being able to materialize your work+religious life in one sitting. These were the thoughts I have as I fill-in the space gap of my rollered maleta.

Polo, shirts, boxers, notes, memories, etc. I just kept stuffing things together, but not everything – for everything has its place in the sun. So, I left a few things back at home – especially for my brother to use: my computer, a couple of reference manuals for the Master Guide training of our church youth.

Surely, I’ll also be missing co-workers back at the manufacturing facility whom I have built a lot of trust and sweat. I do remember back then when my boss had me go to our Laguna facility to investigate and assist in retrieving a corrupt HRIS database. It was my first and last night to be able to sleep there. Peaceful, but gloomy. With the exemption of our resident security staff, there was no one there – but me. I was then able to extract everything and backed it on another computer for them to use. However, I wasn’t able to work that very Monday morning, since I slept on a relative’s house in Alabang.

As for this trip I have last year, I guess that decision to “re-locate” was quite a venture I’ll never forget… especially that on this very night (that I am already here, these thoughts made me smile a bit, laugh a bit) is the culmination of my one year at work.
Hmmm, time’s up! I had to sleep now. It’s another big day tomorrow being the One and only one…