Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The "in" and "out" machine

With the rising case of dengue patients in the Philippines, the growing number becomes worst to dangerous and vice versa.

Yahoo! Philippines just recently posted an alarming 7,000 individual cases that although DOH (Department of Health) mentions that this wasn't an epidemic status yet. One thing is certain: to those who already died, this news will never reach their ears and to those whose fate is still hanging in the balance of motivation to live - to all measures done in order to survive, the ability to live is something they are certain that they really, really need...

In my own little way, I've done my part (which I could say isn't my best) but at least I'm proud to say - I've been a part of it. What I'm talking about is donating your blood - but in this case using an "Apheresis" machine to do that.

Similar to the one I've been recently hooked-up a few weeks ago, this "Apheresis" machine draws my whole blood, process it and then returns it back - drawing only the much needed part for potential dengue patients.

The aftermath of a small prick to initially test my blood for the later donation has its rewards too...

...which I believe is fairly enough to make me or somebody smile after an "Apheresis" blood donation. See, I got this KFC Fully Loaded meal - which is my choice anyway after a "wholehearted" letting go of a portion of my blood. Fair enough right?

I still got an extra, although having this meal is already an "extra" for me - I can say that having a Chuckie is worth it! Of course, with a "Fully Loaded" KFC Meal on top of it.

Special thanks to "The Impulsive Buy" for the KFC "Fully Loaded" Meal image, to the "Bone Marrow Donor Support Network" for the "Apheresis" machine image, as well with "Pinoy Shop n' Save" for the Nestle "Chuckie" image...

An unlikely typo

The habit of rising up early in the morning to read my e-mail has taken my memory to new height, and for this example being able to spot a "typo" on one of the newsletters that I daily receive.

Hmmmm... a "typo" isn't it? Of course, this was from their e-mail.

No more "ptomized" things...

The article however is already corrected online, as we speak and it also reminds me of MagicDisc and the blog I've written about it...

Finding the fastest DNS to use... locally

While trying to resolve the slowness of our family internet cafe, I came across MacWorld article which tells about finding locally available DNS numbers to use near your geographic location. This DNS ("Domain Name System") thing kept ringing on my ears at work as well. Well, in the office - we do have problems regarding our ISP's DNS and it keeps on getting worse :-(

Prior to writing this supplementary article about this DNS thingy, I've been a fan of mixed cocktails of other DNS services like OpenDNS, NortonDNS, and so on. Went testing OpenDNS before and deploying it in a faith-based private hospital in Cebu, Philippines as well to a couple of organizations that I have performed consultancy projects. As for OpenDNS, I was able to do (as I've already said "cocktail" mix-up) together with some Linksys router restriction setup. The byproduct was a Conficker-free, malware and phish-free network that made an ease out of my work as a former Systems Administrator. At the same time, increasing working productivity by blocking certain restrictions on web browsing, etc. In short, non-essential things that aren't included in your usual job description which you're trying to include.

Now back to the finding a local DNS service thingy, here's a screenshot of namebench - a program which I've downloaded within Google Code that looks for DNS providers globally, as well as those near you. Well, since I live in the Philippine - I do need one here. Not necessarily the one my ISP assigned.

Now here's the end product screenshot of namebench - a clearer view of what should I have been using as my DNS numbers for all these times.

Trying namebench...

For those who want to test their ISP assigned DNS numbers, as well the possibility of finding a DNS number better than what their ISP has assigned them, namebench is readily available for downloading. To download, just click here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Happy Sys Admin Day 2010! to all the SysAds out there...!!R%@@#@#.. hehehe..." Although this is my 2nd time to celebrate it (first one with the "actual" title and the second the "actual" responsibility), I wouldn't say that I'm a newbie in both ways. But I do confess its still a long, long way to go and hopefully I could get there in time...

Here's my Multiply post as a recap from the past of what I had for myself as a treat for those who consider me a "threat... ;-)"


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An inspiring thought about IT guys who work for the Healthcare sector

Read what's on the top? Well, it does say "what's it like". Yup! I do agree on that. IT Professional might not look like Medical Doctors, Nurses or any front liner medical staff and yet our job do play very significant roles nowadays. It might not be a biological virus, but that of a "programmed one".

In case you like to check out the original page about this hospital ad, click here.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

HOSTS hijack???

As I recently recently installed Windows Ultimate on my Toshiba notebook, I noticed a new wave of problems that could possibly hamper me in using this nth installation to infinity.

Anyway, as indicated in Figure A. Windows Defender suddenly popped out of nothing in my screen to alert me about my HOSTS file. Of course, I do edit my HOSTS file to suit my taste of website protection (especially blocking adverts) but not in the sense that I put lines also in A/V companies.

Capture6-1-2010-8.23.12 AM

Figure A. Windows Defender Alert in Red

This is the first time I have encountered this popup screen. In a good sense, I actually saw what Windows Defender is all about: personal protection – although there are comments on the Word Wide Spider-web mentioning how “weak” Windows Defender is. I mean, its a good try – or good for nothing, as they would say…

Capture6-1-2010-8.23.37 AM

Figure B. Windows Defender Alert in Green

At work, I don’t have as much liberty to say final words of approval for security applications and/or network improvements. As for A/V systems, all that I could do is research, study and recommend. Though not having a well-defined A/V system to use, its a good thing that there are a couple of trusty reliables to choose from. At the end of the day, its that which is easy, familiar and mostly – free secures the day.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

A brand new notebook

“A brand new notebook” is what I have entitled today’s blog. Not exactly that I have a brand new one. Instead, I have it reformatted suddenly…


Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you promoting what???

Roughly just a few short weeks, I've been already exploring some In-Text Ads for this blog of mine. Oh boy, there's quite plenty around the net. Let me bring you into something that both made me laugh and hate it.

I came across (as I always do) with Create-a-Great-Website and it tackles about Kontera's In-Text Advertising: How to Make Money out of your Website. While much have been mentioned about Kontera, one can say this is an oxymoron type of explaining it. Why? I simply placed by mouse on the in-text links and look what I've found:

It's quite clear that there are more Infolinks "links" than a single Kontera ad that can be found of that URL. To test if this is true or not, simply move your mouse pointer and there it goes!

So, you are promoting what??? Can anyone offer me that Infolnks mug for telling that???

Youngest Everest climber inspire kids

Just woke up to read my e-mails. Ah, another day to start. But just right after logging out, I've been directed to the Yahoo! Philippines page where I saw this:

Youngest Everest climber hopes to inspire kids - Yahoo! Philippines News

I am sooo inspired to read about a 13-year old to became the youngest climber in Mt. Everest - the tallest mountain in the world. I hope this challenges everybody, especially young kids to dream big and soar like an eagle - way above the clouds of doubt and confusion.

By the way, speaking of peaks and mountains - why not checkout this DVD from Amazon. I'm sure its pretty worth watching...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Online Worship

Today, I was given another opportunity to worship the LORD GOD and be an online speaker as well for former co-workers of mine.

I based my topic on this online sermon with a Bible text coming from 2 Peter 3: 8-10. As you may already have read or about to read it - it should be clear enough to say the quote, " His time." Indeed, GOD's time is perfect for the glorification of our souls that is made perfect through Jesus Christ. We might find that our current time and situation may be different than we have desired. Are we far from friends, family and loved ones right now? Do we have no other options than what we already have? There are many more questions indeed that can't be answered in this time line of ours right now. GOD is the best resource person to ask about these kinds of questions.

Let me reflect the time before this online sermon has already transpired. It was just last week. I was then hoping to have myself lead the online sermon. I promised that I would. I failed and wondered why. I believe that we have our own time lines and sometimes committing to certain time lines with other people fail. This time, it has to proceed. By the time it was already about to begin, my headset wasn't working well. I hear my friends' voice whereas I only hear mine, and they don't hear it of course. I was a bit disappointed about this and I promised to find a way: either buying a new headset/microphone or looking for a computer which I could use equipped with a headset that working. Either which and hopefully it does work.

The online worship experience I had right now was trully a blessing for everyone, especially me because I wasn't able to worship with my brethren this particular Sabbath day. I came from my nighttime weekly rotation at work handling emergency calls involving accidents, situations and so on. Hopefully next week, I won't be assigned again - at least once in a month is okay. As I compare sitting on that desk handling calls and a few minutes ago, there's quite a big difference. Nonetheless, there is nothing fulfilling than to be close with the LORD GOD and understanding well HIS message. So, I bid safety to everyone out there.

As the online worship already ended, what I could only say is that in supplement to the Bible text I've mentioned, there are a couple of situations where people have been given ample time about GOD's word. Noah preaching his neighbors about the incoming deluge, Moses telling Pharaoh to let go of HIS people and Jonah asking the citizens of Nineveh to repent and return to the ways of the LORD. There are still many sample situations in and our of the Bible. Whenever there is time to do so - let us worship HIM in truth and in spirit. GOD is there and promises won't last as promises only. They will be in action very soon. Sooner than most of us think I'll be so...

Take time to consider reading other materials I've gathered prior to this online sermon. I want to thank and for the sermon aids I had. Too bad, it was either I have a voice of a mouse that time or some external unseen figures want to disrupt the online worship. I praise GOD for all HIS divine providence and I say AMEN.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paalam Bululoy

"Paalam Bululoy", that could be one of the things my parents would whisper in the wake of Engr. Rafael Nantes: incumbent Governor of Quezon Province - now dead in a helicopter crash accident. To those who knew him well, especially relatives - he's a good friend, a great cousin and an "always smilling" kababayan...

Former Governor Rafael "Raffy" Nantes - was born on January 04, 1957 in the islands of Polillo, Quezon Province. He is 53 years old or to be exact: 53 years, 4 months, and 13 days (excluding the end date of his death).

Raffy, as what my mom would call her during their childhood days used to read "komiks (comics)" at my Lola Fanny's store in an upside down position. I mean the "komiks". The last time I saw him alive was in a meeting of relatives and kababayans in New Manila, Quezon City. I was then working with Republic Chemical Industries. His property and office was just at the back of ours (together with Dunkin Donuts), so each time somebody would mention "kay Nantes yan" or similar to that, it was always in my mind to think how lucky a Polander to like him to be in such a position.

To all those who knew not, or have not reached the islands of Polillo, Quezon province - we call it "Po-land" or "Polillo Islands". While theirs was in Mabini St. our was in Bonifacio St. and Raffy would come and ask my lola for the "komiks". She (my lola) wouldn't charge him a cent, and would even laugh the way he reads those "komiks".

To everyone still looking for more news about Quezon Province Governor Rafael "Raffy" Nantes, click this whole line...

Oh well, I am indeed saddened about this tragedy which happened. As a Polander myself, I pray that the Lord God have prepared him in peace. To every Polander (sa mga taga-Pulo) we are indeed sad and sorry for what has transpired. May God help us all...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dim out of the sun light

Its a fine Sunday right now and I'm here in my sister's room, trying out my luck to put my thoughts into writing. Back during High School times, I remember writing a couple of poems now and then - all which extended during college times writing more of it, woowing some cute and pretty girl out there. Though we didn't end up together, I learn to write more but less. Write more not for myself, but for some website "thingy" and less because I'd say I'm a work-bed-eat-work guy. Ohh, so that's why...

Monday, March 08, 2010

You Scored as Zetsu

You are Zetsu, a venus fly trap who eats bodies, you are also an akatsuki spy who has a split personality, your eyes are similar to the byakugan.



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Exponential Figures in Microsoft Word

While logged in Facebook, somebody called my attention on how to type an exponential figure. Although I have no idea on where she needs to have it typed, I think it was (probably in Microsoft Word). The details that I'll be showing here in fact isn't detailed - since its just a two image screen shot.

Image (A) The Font Dialog box

  • Open Microsoft Word (in this case, I am using Word 2007)
  • Type at least a couple of numbers like "2010" (don't include the quotes please)
  • Highlight the number 10 and make a right-click on that number
  • Look at (Image B) to know what I mean about right-clicking on the number 10
  • Choose Font...
  • On the lower part of the Font dialog box, it mentions Effects
  • Put a check mark on Superscript.
Here's another image... (Image B)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Latest Issue: Bleach Episode 259

Presenting this weeks sub: "Terror! The Monster That Lurks Underground". This is Bleach' Episode 259.

Now, available for viewing. Just click here to watch it.

I'm also updating post for both Naruto and One Piece. The English Sub of Naruto would probably come in a few hours, while One Piece should be available on Sunday afternoon. I'll be posting updates for both, which I think of starting backways - meaning adding previous episodes near the lastest subbed episode and the ones starting from "zero" and up. Hopefully I could keep this up which I think I could, hehehehe...

Wi-Tribe 4G Broadband

Lately, I've been quite amazed with the number of wifi-stands sprouting in all four corners of Antipolo City. What I'm talking about here is wifi-sales stands of Smart and the new one: Wi-Tribe. Of course, we all knew that Smart has been in the business, so is Globe and so is Sun. The last two however aren't active. Globe does house to house selling and Sun is mainly focused on marketing their wifi/portable "USB" wifi inside their Sunshops.

I just started my research on this new provider, so I've added them on my Twitter account. They also have a Facebook account that I added as well.

Wi-Tribe is powered by Liberty Broadcasting Network, Inc., which is financially backed up by San Miguel Corporation and Qtel Group (as their Telco partner).

I used their speed tester and this is what I got...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back Issue: One Piece Episode 438

At last, Luffy was able to snuck inside Impel Down, only to be impaled later by Warden Magellan and with all the poison that Luffy came in contact with - were not sure if he's going to survive.

I like the previous issue (which means the issue before this issue, hehehe...) were Luffy manifested his Haki in defeating the army wolves. Talk about asking Luffy do perform some circus and crowd control. Pretty sure everybody will be knocked out unconscious.

To those who have already watched Episode 438 - Paradise in Hell! Impel Down Level 5.5, and especially to those who haven't - let's watch altogether. Just click here to do that.

Back Issue: Naruto Shippuden Episode 147

Naruto fans who want to watch back issues, I'm offering you Shippuden Episode 147 - Rogue Ninja's Past. Download it by clicking here. Animé fans of Bleach, I have already uploaded a link where you can click to download and play the video. It's Episode 257 - "A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Beasts". Likewise, click it here to download.

As for One Piece fans (what was I thinking when I mentioned both Bleach and One Piece here... grrr!!!), I'll be posting later next morning a link to watch Episode 438 - Paradise in Hell! Impel Down Level 5.5.

Keep in touch!!!

Back Issue: Bleach Episode 257

Due to security restrictions disabling me to get the actual flv or mp4 of this episode of Bleach (it's episode 257), I've created a small file for everybody to download, (and then open) to enjoy watching. Don't worry, just click here and download the file, then open it. That's all!

Ohh, don't forget to maximize the video :-)

Presenting Episode 257 entitled "A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Beasts"

Download it here.

Dont forget to take time and donate me something. It'll help me post this happily :-)


Monday, February 22, 2010

Posting my favorite animé

Starting today on a weekly basis, I'll be blogging online about my favorite Animé. Actually, there's just three of them: Bleach, Naruto and One Piece and their latest videos.

Bleach is about a young guy named Kurosaki Ichigo who was able to see a soul reaper named Rukia Kuchiki in his own naked eye. Later, Rukia Kuchiki was at a scene fending off a bad spirit when she got hurt and eventually managed to transfer all her powers to Ichigo who managed to finished the bad spirit.

Bleach currently is under Episode 258, entitled "Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey" You may watch it for your convenience by clicking here.

I'll be posting Episode 259 later this week or depending on when an English sub has been already made. Episodes earlier than 258 (meaning 1 to 257) will be posted depending on the speed my hands can get these links. Hehehe...


As for Naruto, he's another kid on the block (even weirder than Ichigo) who'll go anything just to get his village recognized him. Initially an outcast because he has the Kyubi inside him, Naruto learned how to harness the Kyubii's power to do good. But because of the possessive nature of the Kyubi's power, Naruto is into training not to depend on it anymore.

Naruto currently is under Shippuden Episode 148, entitled "Heir to Darkness" You may watch it for your convenience by clicking here.

See the whiskers? Hopefully I won't get one when I do some power-up or else I'll be in big trouble with my dad on carpentry and overall household renovation works.

One Piece

Now here's some real sea-faring adventure I'm sure no one would dare miss! In the One Piece world, Luffy sets sail, hoping to find that precious "One Piece" the legendary pirate: Gold Roger mentioned about. Together with a crew of pirates, Captain Luffy explores the world, finding new friends (nakama) and of course - getting into trouble.

As for One Piece, it's currently under Episode 439, entitled "Luffy's Treatment Begins! Ivan's Miraculous Ability" You may watch it for your convenience by clicking here.

For all the fans of these animé characters - cheer up! I'd made this blog for all of you so you can sit back, relax and watch a movie... err, I mean the Bleach, Naruto and One Piece episodes on your high-speed internet connections. Just saying to everyone "sorry" because most of these links are English only.

I also mentioned giving out links on next and previous episodes, but it'll come in a trio-back and forth episode at a time. So, if you have an episode you really, really need to watch right now - let me know. I might do that for you.

So, until a few days more before the week ends - just stay in touch! For all those who want to donate and keep me happily posting these, click on the "Donate" button below.