Monday, February 22, 2010

Posting my favorite animé

Starting today on a weekly basis, I'll be blogging online about my favorite Animé. Actually, there's just three of them: Bleach, Naruto and One Piece and their latest videos.

Bleach is about a young guy named Kurosaki Ichigo who was able to see a soul reaper named Rukia Kuchiki in his own naked eye. Later, Rukia Kuchiki was at a scene fending off a bad spirit when she got hurt and eventually managed to transfer all her powers to Ichigo who managed to finished the bad spirit.

Bleach currently is under Episode 258, entitled "Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey" You may watch it for your convenience by clicking here.

I'll be posting Episode 259 later this week or depending on when an English sub has been already made. Episodes earlier than 258 (meaning 1 to 257) will be posted depending on the speed my hands can get these links. Hehehe...


As for Naruto, he's another kid on the block (even weirder than Ichigo) who'll go anything just to get his village recognized him. Initially an outcast because he has the Kyubi inside him, Naruto learned how to harness the Kyubii's power to do good. But because of the possessive nature of the Kyubi's power, Naruto is into training not to depend on it anymore.

Naruto currently is under Shippuden Episode 148, entitled "Heir to Darkness" You may watch it for your convenience by clicking here.

See the whiskers? Hopefully I won't get one when I do some power-up or else I'll be in big trouble with my dad on carpentry and overall household renovation works.

One Piece

Now here's some real sea-faring adventure I'm sure no one would dare miss! In the One Piece world, Luffy sets sail, hoping to find that precious "One Piece" the legendary pirate: Gold Roger mentioned about. Together with a crew of pirates, Captain Luffy explores the world, finding new friends (nakama) and of course - getting into trouble.

As for One Piece, it's currently under Episode 439, entitled "Luffy's Treatment Begins! Ivan's Miraculous Ability" You may watch it for your convenience by clicking here.

For all the fans of these animé characters - cheer up! I'd made this blog for all of you so you can sit back, relax and watch a movie... err, I mean the Bleach, Naruto and One Piece episodes on your high-speed internet connections. Just saying to everyone "sorry" because most of these links are English only.

I also mentioned giving out links on next and previous episodes, but it'll come in a trio-back and forth episode at a time. So, if you have an episode you really, really need to watch right now - let me know. I might do that for you.

So, until a few days more before the week ends - just stay in touch! For all those who want to donate and keep me happily posting these, click on the "Donate" button below.


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