Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Exponential Figures in Microsoft Word

While logged in Facebook, somebody called my attention on how to type an exponential figure. Although I have no idea on where she needs to have it typed, I think it was (probably in Microsoft Word). The details that I'll be showing here in fact isn't detailed - since its just a two image screen shot.

Image (A) The Font Dialog box

  • Open Microsoft Word (in this case, I am using Word 2007)
  • Type at least a couple of numbers like "2010" (don't include the quotes please)
  • Highlight the number 10 and make a right-click on that number
  • Look at (Image B) to know what I mean about right-clicking on the number 10
  • Choose Font...
  • On the lower part of the Font dialog box, it mentions Effects
  • Put a check mark on Superscript.
Here's another image... (Image B)


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