Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dim out of the sun light

Its a fine Sunday right now and I'm here in my sister's room, trying out my luck to put my thoughts into writing. Back during High School times, I remember writing a couple of poems now and then - all which extended during college times writing more of it, woowing some cute and pretty girl out there. Though we didn't end up together, I learn to write more but less. Write more not for myself, but for some website "thingy" and less because I'd say I'm a work-bed-eat-work guy. Ohh, so that's why...


dondi said...

nag drop ako sa site mo. Once you click the drop button, it says thanks. That is the time you leave the page and go to another site. next, mag exchange link ka, like if you like the page mag comment ka...I want t o exchange link with you.... I will do it now. Then you link my site too. Ok? One way to increase traffic.

dondi said...

Do not click the button site mo, your visitor will do the clicking.