Sunday, May 30, 2010

A brand new notebook

“A brand new notebook” is what I have entitled today’s blog. Not exactly that I have a brand new one. Instead, I have it reformatted suddenly…


Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you promoting what???

Roughly just a few short weeks, I've been already exploring some In-Text Ads for this blog of mine. Oh boy, there's quite plenty around the net. Let me bring you into something that both made me laugh and hate it.

I came across (as I always do) with Create-a-Great-Website and it tackles about Kontera's In-Text Advertising: How to Make Money out of your Website. While much have been mentioned about Kontera, one can say this is an oxymoron type of explaining it. Why? I simply placed by mouse on the in-text links and look what I've found:

It's quite clear that there are more Infolinks "links" than a single Kontera ad that can be found of that URL. To test if this is true or not, simply move your mouse pointer and there it goes!

So, you are promoting what??? Can anyone offer me that Infolnks mug for telling that???

Youngest Everest climber inspire kids

Just woke up to read my e-mails. Ah, another day to start. But just right after logging out, I've been directed to the Yahoo! Philippines page where I saw this:

Youngest Everest climber hopes to inspire kids - Yahoo! Philippines News

I am sooo inspired to read about a 13-year old to became the youngest climber in Mt. Everest - the tallest mountain in the world. I hope this challenges everybody, especially young kids to dream big and soar like an eagle - way above the clouds of doubt and confusion.

By the way, speaking of peaks and mountains - why not checkout this DVD from Amazon. I'm sure its pretty worth watching...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Online Worship

Today, I was given another opportunity to worship the LORD GOD and be an online speaker as well for former co-workers of mine.

I based my topic on this online sermon with a Bible text coming from 2 Peter 3: 8-10. As you may already have read or about to read it - it should be clear enough to say the quote, " His time." Indeed, GOD's time is perfect for the glorification of our souls that is made perfect through Jesus Christ. We might find that our current time and situation may be different than we have desired. Are we far from friends, family and loved ones right now? Do we have no other options than what we already have? There are many more questions indeed that can't be answered in this time line of ours right now. GOD is the best resource person to ask about these kinds of questions.

Let me reflect the time before this online sermon has already transpired. It was just last week. I was then hoping to have myself lead the online sermon. I promised that I would. I failed and wondered why. I believe that we have our own time lines and sometimes committing to certain time lines with other people fail. This time, it has to proceed. By the time it was already about to begin, my headset wasn't working well. I hear my friends' voice whereas I only hear mine, and they don't hear it of course. I was a bit disappointed about this and I promised to find a way: either buying a new headset/microphone or looking for a computer which I could use equipped with a headset that working. Either which and hopefully it does work.

The online worship experience I had right now was trully a blessing for everyone, especially me because I wasn't able to worship with my brethren this particular Sabbath day. I came from my nighttime weekly rotation at work handling emergency calls involving accidents, situations and so on. Hopefully next week, I won't be assigned again - at least once in a month is okay. As I compare sitting on that desk handling calls and a few minutes ago, there's quite a big difference. Nonetheless, there is nothing fulfilling than to be close with the LORD GOD and understanding well HIS message. So, I bid safety to everyone out there.

As the online worship already ended, what I could only say is that in supplement to the Bible text I've mentioned, there are a couple of situations where people have been given ample time about GOD's word. Noah preaching his neighbors about the incoming deluge, Moses telling Pharaoh to let go of HIS people and Jonah asking the citizens of Nineveh to repent and return to the ways of the LORD. There are still many sample situations in and our of the Bible. Whenever there is time to do so - let us worship HIM in truth and in spirit. GOD is there and promises won't last as promises only. They will be in action very soon. Sooner than most of us think I'll be so...

Take time to consider reading other materials I've gathered prior to this online sermon. I want to thank and for the sermon aids I had. Too bad, it was either I have a voice of a mouse that time or some external unseen figures want to disrupt the online worship. I praise GOD for all HIS divine providence and I say AMEN.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paalam Bululoy

"Paalam Bululoy", that could be one of the things my parents would whisper in the wake of Engr. Rafael Nantes: incumbent Governor of Quezon Province - now dead in a helicopter crash accident. To those who knew him well, especially relatives - he's a good friend, a great cousin and an "always smilling" kababayan...

Former Governor Rafael "Raffy" Nantes - was born on January 04, 1957 in the islands of Polillo, Quezon Province. He is 53 years old or to be exact: 53 years, 4 months, and 13 days (excluding the end date of his death).

Raffy, as what my mom would call her during their childhood days used to read "komiks (comics)" at my Lola Fanny's store in an upside down position. I mean the "komiks". The last time I saw him alive was in a meeting of relatives and kababayans in New Manila, Quezon City. I was then working with Republic Chemical Industries. His property and office was just at the back of ours (together with Dunkin Donuts), so each time somebody would mention "kay Nantes yan" or similar to that, it was always in my mind to think how lucky a Polander to like him to be in such a position.

To all those who knew not, or have not reached the islands of Polillo, Quezon province - we call it "Po-land" or "Polillo Islands". While theirs was in Mabini St. our was in Bonifacio St. and Raffy would come and ask my lola for the "komiks". She (my lola) wouldn't charge him a cent, and would even laugh the way he reads those "komiks".

To everyone still looking for more news about Quezon Province Governor Rafael "Raffy" Nantes, click this whole line...

Oh well, I am indeed saddened about this tragedy which happened. As a Polander myself, I pray that the Lord God have prepared him in peace. To every Polander (sa mga taga-Pulo) we are indeed sad and sorry for what has transpired. May God help us all...