Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you promoting what???

Roughly just a few short weeks, I've been already exploring some In-Text Ads for this blog of mine. Oh boy, there's quite plenty around the net. Let me bring you into something that both made me laugh and hate it.

I came across (as I always do) with Create-a-Great-Website and it tackles about Kontera's In-Text Advertising: How to Make Money out of your Website. While much have been mentioned about Kontera, one can say this is an oxymoron type of explaining it. Why? I simply placed by mouse on the in-text links and look what I've found:

It's quite clear that there are more Infolinks "links" than a single Kontera ad that can be found of that URL. To test if this is true or not, simply move your mouse pointer and there it goes!

So, you are promoting what??? Can anyone offer me that Infolnks mug for telling that???

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dondi said...

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