Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paalam Bululoy

"Paalam Bululoy", that could be one of the things my parents would whisper in the wake of Engr. Rafael Nantes: incumbent Governor of Quezon Province - now dead in a helicopter crash accident. To those who knew him well, especially relatives - he's a good friend, a great cousin and an "always smilling" kababayan...

Former Governor Rafael "Raffy" Nantes - was born on January 04, 1957 in the islands of Polillo, Quezon Province. He is 53 years old or to be exact: 53 years, 4 months, and 13 days (excluding the end date of his death).

Raffy, as what my mom would call her during their childhood days used to read "komiks (comics)" at my Lola Fanny's store in an upside down position. I mean the "komiks". The last time I saw him alive was in a meeting of relatives and kababayans in New Manila, Quezon City. I was then working with Republic Chemical Industries. His property and office was just at the back of ours (together with Dunkin Donuts), so each time somebody would mention "kay Nantes yan" or similar to that, it was always in my mind to think how lucky a Polander to like him to be in such a position.

To all those who knew not, or have not reached the islands of Polillo, Quezon province - we call it "Po-land" or "Polillo Islands". While theirs was in Mabini St. our was in Bonifacio St. and Raffy would come and ask my lola for the "komiks". She (my lola) wouldn't charge him a cent, and would even laugh the way he reads those "komiks".

To everyone still looking for more news about Quezon Province Governor Rafael "Raffy" Nantes, click this whole line...

Oh well, I am indeed saddened about this tragedy which happened. As a Polander myself, I pray that the Lord God have prepared him in peace. To every Polander (sa mga taga-Pulo) we are indeed sad and sorry for what has transpired. May God help us all...

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