Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Happy Sys Admin Day 2010! to all the SysAds out there...!!R%@@#@#.. hehehe..." Although this is my 2nd time to celebrate it (first one with the "actual" title and the second the "actual" responsibility), I wouldn't say that I'm a newbie in both ways. But I do confess its still a long, long way to go and hopefully I could get there in time...

Here's my Multiply post as a recap from the past of what I had for myself as a treat for those who consider me a "threat... ;-)"


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An inspiring thought about IT guys who work for the Healthcare sector

Read what's on the top? Well, it does say "what's it like". Yup! I do agree on that. IT Professional might not look like Medical Doctors, Nurses or any front liner medical staff and yet our job do play very significant roles nowadays. It might not be a biological virus, but that of a "programmed one".

In case you like to check out the original page about this hospital ad, click here.