Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The "in" and "out" machine

With the rising case of dengue patients in the Philippines, the growing number becomes worst to dangerous and vice versa.

Yahoo! Philippines just recently posted an alarming 7,000 individual cases that although DOH (Department of Health) mentions that this wasn't an epidemic status yet. One thing is certain: to those who already died, this news will never reach their ears and to those whose fate is still hanging in the balance of motivation to live - to all measures done in order to survive, the ability to live is something they are certain that they really, really need...

In my own little way, I've done my part (which I could say isn't my best) but at least I'm proud to say - I've been a part of it. What I'm talking about is donating your blood - but in this case using an "Apheresis" machine to do that.

Similar to the one I've been recently hooked-up a few weeks ago, this "Apheresis" machine draws my whole blood, process it and then returns it back - drawing only the much needed part for potential dengue patients.

The aftermath of a small prick to initially test my blood for the later donation has its rewards too...

...which I believe is fairly enough to make me or somebody smile after an "Apheresis" blood donation. See, I got this KFC Fully Loaded meal - which is my choice anyway after a "wholehearted" letting go of a portion of my blood. Fair enough right?

I still got an extra, although having this meal is already an "extra" for me - I can say that having a Chuckie is worth it! Of course, with a "Fully Loaded" KFC Meal on top of it.

Special thanks to "The Impulsive Buy" for the KFC "Fully Loaded" Meal image, to the "Bone Marrow Donor Support Network" for the "Apheresis" machine image, as well with "Pinoy Shop n' Save" for the Nestle "Chuckie" image...

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