Friday, August 31, 2012

Like a box of chocolates

Most of us knew about the saying in a movie that "Life's like a box of chocolates". I believe it so. And followed after that are a bunch of ups and plenty of downs. Some, trying to survive the effects it has to themselves and others - the feature of a short fame in the newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet.

So here am I again entering into hiatus, keeping myself busy, wondering if somehow, somewhere, something's out there that's permanently for me. No more broken promises, no more trying to achieve this... whatever. I feel right now is that I'm a piece of useless mud, trying to get myself into the hands of the Great Recycler. It feels so sad and depressing to be left out, left alone. Even when I was a kid, I always was the great oh... just leave him alone. What we only need from him is his pad papers, crosswise, lengthwise and one/fourth piece of papers. Not now, not forever. I want to be "belonged". Its such a hard time to be alone.

And while I am busy at work and many people feed on your immediate inputs, the tides of troublesome loneliness lingers on. I had to press on, or it'll affect my job. I had to endure, to rise against such a worrisome flood. And if on top of this, what we can great success - part of my ribs are itching: itching for the voided gaps once filled.

These are the times when I am in need the very most, but again I missed the boat. I also missed the plane, and what went inside it after I got home and rained. Vast is the land, separated by seas where no one can just enter, lest there be identification markers though not free. Well, I do remembered this adventure that I seek. Quite nervous at first, probing, eventually liking, then places worth visiting. Discussions of the future where nice, yet still thinking about skating. Now, the eagle already landed on its nest: long lost friends now have seen, but then going back to remember - may I ask where now is "me"? Should I ask Jollibee?

Sleepy me when I go home at night, say what time: will the count of three earths be equals to 10:95? There is no such time, but at the same time there is! The count of three earths just began, hopefully I could survive the solstice of understanding, the renewal of heart and won the crown of long suffering. Wisdom tell tales and old men of ancient times in polygraphs. Out of three mountains...