Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wrote this poem to a friend of mine who can't sleep.
I made some modifications though...

No title poem: For sleeping purposes only :)

Shallow, blue water, cool to the eyes,
Make somebody sleep well tonight.
For if, it won't be possible it might dismay,
Awonderful wake up, tomorrow morning I'd say...

Sleep well, sleep well if you may,
Dreaming about that green wonderful dress can wait-the mall guard will say.
Just think about any animals, like sheep or count 1 to 100 to fall asleep,
Or you might wake up late, then its already *Sabbath-that dress you won't keep.

*-originally "sunday"

Twinkle, twinkle little stars,
it's kind'a gloomy right now, I think rain will fall later-all stars will part.
And in the middle of that night-filled rain
It's breeze will whisper melody to make you sleep-**so do not refrain...

*-originally "straight from the ear"

ghv (10/04/2013)


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